How to manage your Slots Money?

Everybody knows that slots can be played for a long time without much effort. The question is how much money you are burning or winning during these spins. Many think that in order to make the most from their slots gaming they must always bet the most. After all, this is basic slots strategy. While you will certainly be happy you followed this strategy when you hit a jackpot it isn’t necessarily the best one for all occasions. It all depends on what you play and when…

The Slots that pay the most

What type of slots machine pays the most? Some will immediately say the one with the biggest jackpot and the most paylines. It would seem as if these types of slots are the most lucrative but if you look closer at what players with a lot of experience have to say a different picture emerges. Many times it is the slots that are not so much in focus that will give more winnings over a longer time period. According to this strategy you should just forget about the machines promoted in the casino lobby and just scroll down the list of slots for other ideas.

Slots Bets

Another way to manage your slots money is to learn more about the actual bets. On a typical slots machine you can bet on more than one payline and there are several levels of bets. If you want to make the minimal effort you chose the lowest level of bet and use it on one payline. This is not a bad idea because you will still stand as good of a chance to win as if you go for all the paylines at maximum level. The difference lies in how much you win and there is no way to escape that a larger bet makes for a larger prize sum.

Are you winning or losing?

Slots Money

Another important question to ask when you are trying to manage your slots money right is whether you are winning or losing. It might sound like a really silly question but to many players the answer is not so obvious. If you played a round of games and came out winning $100 you are obviously winning. Now the question is what happens next. If you lose $50 on the next round you are losing but still a winner. If this is followed by losing another $100, even during a few days of gaming, you are losing.

Stay away from the Progressive Slots!

It should be clear that you need to manage your slots money and keep a close eye on how much you are winning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will help you a lot and another thing that is a very good advice is to stay away from the progressives! Yes, they are very attractive and exciting but as far as making your slots money last they are a very poor choice.

Good planning and better understanding of slots games and bets will help you make your slots money last longer.

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